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Sterile Systems Inc, is now Vention Sterilization Services, a Vention Medical Company

Our Services

Routine Sterilization - Our routine sterilization services feature excellent turnaround times and prompt customer service whether you have one cart or 24 pallets per week.     more info

Sample Processing - We quickly and accurately process your samples to make it easier for you to develop new products and get them to market faster.     more info

Parametric Release - With parametric release we can eliminate the long wait times for BI testing so you ship more product, faster.

Reusable devices - Ideal for hospitals and veterinary clinics, our small chamber allows us to sterilize your reusable devices overnight.

Rapid Turnaround - Our goal is to have your product processed as soon as possible. In 2007 we have averaged less than 2 days from receipt to chamber for all loads.

Why Vention Sterilization Services?

At Vention Sterilization Services you will find:

  • Strict adherence to quality assurance programs
  • Prompt turnarounds
  • A staff focused on the providing the highest levels of quality and service
  • Expert advice and assistance on your validations
  • Competitive pricing

    Vention Sterilization Services is especially well equipped to work with the small and medium size manufacturers who have trouble garnering the service they need from the larger sterilization providers. Our all-inclusive-pricing guarantees that you won’t have sterilization costs running out of control.

Vention Sterilization Services meets the standards of ISO 13485-2003 as certified by TÜV. We also follow guidelines in ISO 11135-2007, and EN 550.